Workshop: How can funders and their grantees work together to tackle low pay in the charity sector?

Workshop: How can funders and their grantees work together to tackle low pay in the charity sector?

The first ever report of Low Pay in the Charity Sector was published by the Living Wage Foundation last year. It found that 26.2% of people within the charity sector are paid less than the Living Wage – more than the average rate of 22% across other UK sectors. Within this, women, young people, part-time workers and BAME workers are disproportionately affected. The report suggests that the issue of low pay cannot be resolved without influencing the organisations that often have power over charities’ incomes – namely funders and commissioners. This is the main aim of the Living Wage Friendly Funders Accreditation scheme.

A webinar entitled Could you help Wales become a Living Wage Nation?  introduced the scheme and its aims, identified the necessary steps to accreditation and spoke about how Cynnal Cymru and the Living Wage Foundation can be at hand to help during every stage of the process. You can listen to the webinar in full. 

Cynnal Cymru and the Living Wage Foundation want to bring this discussion to the third sector – and what better place to do that than at WCVA‘s annual third sector gathering – gofod3. Unlike any other event in Wales, it is a space to learn from each other, to motivate and inspire. A rare opportunity for the third sector to come together and promote change in Wales. This is what we hope to do in relation to improving pay conditions within the sector. WCVA were also the first Welsh funder to sign up to the scheme.

Low pay within the charity and voluntary sector administers a particularly poignant sting as the people working within the sector are working toward social justice for others whilst not earning enough for a decent standard of living themselves. Earning below a Real Living wage can often exasperate the very social problems that third sector workers aim to combat and it is important that charities and funders operate with their charitable objectives in mind and in-line with their values and standards. A commitment to responsible and fair pay from those that hold the power and influence will lead to a more resilient and thriving sector. This is discussed by Friendly Funder the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

If you work for a funder or commissioner or within the third sector, please attend this workshop to join the discussion and find out how you can help those within your sector experience fair pay and better well-being. Everyone within the sector can play a part in securing pay rises for charity workers, which will in turn afford them the fairness they work toward.

Workshop Details 

Who is it for?

All are welcome, whether to share third sector experience or simply find out more.


gofod3 – Cardiff City Stadium


March 21st 2019

12:30 – 1:30

How do I book?

Register for the day and workshop here. 

There are plenty of other workshops available to attend and a bustling exhibition space.