Welcome Wales and West Utilities – our 100th Member!

Welcome Wales and West Utilities – our 100th Member!

Congratulations to Wales & West Utilities on becoming Cynnal Cymru’s 100th member!

Since launching our membership back in January 2015 we have enjoyed working with so many innovative exciting organisations across Wales who have joined as members.

This month we are delighted to announce that Wales & West Utilities and Warm Wales have both joined Cynnal Cymru to work on fuel poverty initiatives and to promote the excellent work they are already doing in this area. They join other member organisations in this sector including SmartEnergyGB, Severn Wye Energy Agency and Energy Savings Trust.

We are proud to have Wales & West Utilities as our 100th member – an organisation whose values and goals reflect those of Cynnal Cymru. Wales & West Utilities’ role is to provide a safe and reliable gas supply to their customers in the communities they serve across Wales and the south west of England.  In fact Wales & West Utilities recently won the BITC Cymru Principality Building Society’s Responsible Large Business of the Year Award 2016 because:

“Every day Wales & West Utilities does its very best to keep 7.5 million customers safe and warm, with a gas network they can rely on and a level of service they can trust.”

Wales & West Utilities is passionate about reducing fuel poverty. The company promotes its Warm Home Assistance initiative, whereby people who meet certain criteria are eligible for financial assistance towards the cost of a new gas connection. For many people, switching to heating their homes by gas can reduce their energy bills by over £200 a year.

Wales & West Utilities launched its Warm Home Assistance scheme in 2009 and since then has funded over 12,000 new gas connections and has committed to connecting at least another 7,000 households, through this scheme, by 2021. Working in collaboration with partners, like Warm Wales, Wales & West Utilities is helping customers save money on their energy bills through advice as well as getting access to funding towards new central heating systems and home insulation. Cynnal Cymru aim to help our new members with spreading the key messages to reduce fuel poverty.

Cynnal Cymru are proud to be working closely with Wales & West Utilities in discussions around UK energy policy. The energy market is changing and Wales & West Utilities is taking a lead role in ensuring that the role of gas is recognised, as part of a secure and affordable low carbon energy future. By 2050 Wales & West Utilities wants to be part of a low-emission, smart energy network which is at the centre of delivering secure and affordable energy to smarter homes and businesses, with a commitment to protect the environment both today and for the future. The team at Cynnal Cymru are looking forward to working more closely with both Wales & West Utilities and Warm Wales in promoting this agenda.

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