Sylfaen Project

Organisations working with natural assets need to balance the interests of the environment and local communities with achieving long-term financial security.

Cynnal Cymru and the Wales Co-operative Centre are working with five community-based environmental organisations in Wales to undertake a development journey that will ensure they have strong financial, governance and management foundations.

With funding from the Co-op Foundation, we are providing a free support programme that will focus on building capacity and confidence in the areas of forward planning, financial management, human resources, legal compliance, Board governance, public accountability, marketing and communications, and environmental responsibility.

Applicants will also receive a root and branch review of their development needs whilst also exploring local and national pressures and opportunities.

This will be followed by a bespoke support programme designed to increase their effectiveness and capacity to deliver their objectives and meet community needs. Topics may include Board duties and recruitment, Business Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Partnership and Collaboration, Annual Reporting, Asset Transfer or others that are identified as relevant.

Techniques will include mentoring, training, one-to-one advice sessions, networking and shared learning. Applicants will typically receive between 5 and 8 days of free support each.

Peer learning and disseminating new skills and techniques are important aspects of this programme. Applicants will need to be willing to join a peer-learning and support process. They will need to be able to cascade knowledge and new techniques to others in the sector by engaging with at least 3 other local organisations to share in some of the training and support sessions.

This is a Wales-wide programme that will run from November 2019 to March 2021 and is open to all environmentally-focused community-based organisations.

Project partners: