Sustainable Social Enterprise

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This category recognises the social enterprise or community interest company that is delivering positive impact through inclusive and innovative approaches.


Awel Co-operative


Awel Co-op has been set up to harness the winds of South West Wales to generate electricity using renewable technology.  The co-op enables anyone who invests to directly ‘own’ Welsh wind generation and take action on climate change. The Community Benefit Society established in 2015 will own and run two 2.35MW Enercon wind turbines at a site 20 miles north of Swansea and the two turbines are forecast to generate an estimated 12,558 MWh of clean, low-carbon energy annually, enough to supply over 2,500 homes per year. Profits will be used to support the work of a charity, Awel Aman Tawe which develops projects on fuel poverty and innovative, renewable energy schemes.



Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum has sustainable development of the coast at its core and manages and delivers marine related projects for the community, public, private and third sectors. They have created a Marine Code and Outdoor Charter for Pembrokeshire, an online Wales Activity Mapping tool as well as Marine Energy Pembrokeshire -a body that works to establish sustainable marine energy generation. PCF advises and assists with national and international project delivery and leads on stakeholder engagement, market research as well as curriculum linked marine education and facilitation. Working with local schools, community groups, Local businesses, the Welsh Government PCF ensure that the wider community is engaged involved and informed on all coastal matters.


Lia’s Kitchen


Lia’s Kitchen is an ethical food venture and pop-up dining enterprise by Lia Moutselou that delivers projects, supper clubs, and cookery workshops and participates in food events throughout Wales and the UK.  Lia’s kitchen explores cultures and travels the world through food using ethically sourced, sustainable foods. The social enterprise runs cooking classes, develops recipes and menus, runs a recipe blog and works on community projects.  Lia focuses on food waste reduction, through a series of Love Food Hate Waste events and has also worked on refugee integration through food running series of workshops, face to face interaction and the delivery of the first refugee pop-up dinners.