Sustainable Business 2017

The Sustainability Challenge 2016/17 – Griffiths

Griffiths Sustainability Challenge Report

The Sustainability Challenge is Griffiths’s annual sustainable development action plan. It sets annual objectives and targets under the four key headings of Health & Safety, Economy, Social & Culture and Environment and consolidate and align corporate responsibility, environmental and community benefit initiatives with the seven Well-being Goals of the Future Generations Act. It is clear the Sustainability Challenge has had multiple benefits. Griffiths have reduced their waste, minimised carbon emissions intensity, recruited and trained apprentices, supported local communities and helped to strengthen the Welsh economy. 90% of Griffiths’s waste is recycled, this year their carbon emissions have reduced by 9%, 44% of their staff have been received environmental awareness training, more than £25,000 has been spent on the cycle to work scheme and more than £200,000 has been donated to local charities and community groups. By recruiting apprentices and trainees Griffiths have been able to reduce the average age of our workforce which and improved the ration of males to females employed and supported the governments #NotJustForBoys campaign, running Women in Construction Workshops at colleges nearby.

Founded in 1968 and still privately owned, Griffiths is one of the leading civil engineering and construction contractors working in Wales, the English border counties and the West of England. We currently have an annual turnover of circa £150m placing us in the UK Top 20 of civil engineering contractors. We have a strong client base, including central government, local authorities and private sector organisations. We aim to build lasting, collaborative relationships with key clients which will lead to repeat business. Griffiths provides the infrastructure to support a vibrant economy and cohesive communities without having a detrimental effect on the environment.


Responsible Finance – Robert Owen Community Banking

Robert Owen Community Banking Ltd are a FCA regulated finance company who provide ethical and social finance to micro-businesses, social enterprises and households across Wales. They raise capital locally and re-lend this to generate income, regenerate communities and keep wealth in the Welsh economy. In particular they specialise in renewable energy finance as it leverages new income into helping communities become more resilient. In the past 12 months they have invested in over 100 businesses and initiatives local schemes. One project that was supported this year was the Swansea schools solar scheme where the council had agreed to offer a new solar coop – SCEES – for a number of school roofs to generate solar electricity and approached Robert Owen Community Bank for funding support. Working in partnership with six organisations, Robert Owen Community Bank used their expertise in financial modelling to show the viability of financing each solar installation. The new community company is reselling the green electricity directly back to the school, so their bills are now halved, and the children learn directly that green energy is the energy of their future. The parents helped raise the significant finance to buy out the scheme, and now own it as members of the renewable company. It is a model for how innovative finance can unlock new income streams, which in turn help keep our civic amenities viable. There are now 1400 solar pv panels generating around 400kwh of green energy for a group of Swansea schools in a fairly low income area of the city.

The project worked in partnership with Swansea City Council, SCEES energy, Regensys Solar, Capital Law and Sky Energy.


Sustainable New Build Systems and Retrofit Insulation Systems for Old Buildings – Ty-Mawr Lime

Established in 1995, by husband and wife Nigel and Joyce Gervis, Ty-Mawr Lime Ltd has made an enormous contribution to resurrecting the use of traditional building materials in Wales and has become a market leader in the design and manufacture and distribution of environmentally-friendly building materials and systems. Ty Mawr have developed a number of systems using environmentally-friendly materials that both respect and support the nature of these buildings as well as the planet. Ty Mawr has also developed a series of local systems using exclusively sustainable building materials which are highly suitable for low impact, low carbon new build construction. In 2016 Tŷ-Mawr’ launched the Sylfaen® Insulated Foundation System which is suitable for everything from individual, architect designed buildings to self builds to commercial housing schemes, to large scale civil engineering projects.

Ty Mawr’s systems for wall, floor and roof build ups are suitable for everything from individual architect designed buildings to self builds to commercial housing schemes. This system allows for the use of a reinforced concrete slab or, if preferred, a limecrete slab for insulation used for high performance and is 100% recycled foamed glass gravel to construct a load bearing, thermally insulated foundation.


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