Guide | Investing in nature

The ‘Investing in nature guide’ helps us look at the negative impacts that we may inadvertently be having on nature and explains the simple, practical but often over-looked actions that we can take to Help Wildlife to Thrive.

Greening Your Organisation

In introduction to how making your organisation more energy efficient, waste-conscious, and resource-light can deliver bottom-line cost savings that can be used to fund your key services or mission.

Why Climate Migration Risks Matter to Wales

Climate change is decreasing the suitability of certain locations to support human habitation. Here are some of the reasons why Wales should care about climate related displacement, and what we can do to mitigate the effects.

Using Nature Based Solutions

The methods we use to protect our infrastructure and resources need to adapt to a changing climate. Combining modern knowledge with natural and traditional solutions offers a range of benefits to people and wildlife.

Sustainability Policy

One of the best ways to demonstrate commitment to ‘greening’ your organisation is through having an agreed Sustainability Policy that is understood and respected by all your staff, visitors and volunteers.

Climate Reports

An overview of recent reports on Climate Change including the IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming.

A Third Sector Guide to Climate Change

A guide designed to give you a basic understanding of climate issues and where to find further support to help you manage your climate risks and make better decisions for a changing future.

Sustainable textiles

A guide to sustainable textiles and packaging and how you can make a difference.

Sustainable Food

A guide to sustainable food and how you can make a difference

Waste Management

A guide to recovering and recycling materials from old products to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, save on carbon emissions, water, and land required to produce new items.

Water Efficiency

Being water efficient not only helps to reduce water wastage but as an organisation, you pay for all the water that passes through your meter – so it makes good financial sense to ensure you are not letting any of it go to waste.

Energy Efficiency

A guide for organisations to help reduce your energy usage, switch to ‘greener’ energy and to generate energy.

Responsible Resource Use

Your organisation could reduce overheads by using less energy and water, consuming fewer raw materials and reducing waste.

Environmental Volunteering Toolkit

Invest in Nature’s toolkit is packed full of ideas for getting involved in environmental volunteering and celebrates fantastic projects making a difference in Wales through people like you…

How Public Health Wales and Orangebox save 134 tonnes of C02

In 2016 Public Health Wales (PHW) relocated to a new large open plan office in Cardiff Bay. PHW wanted to create a unique workplace environment designed to encourage a collaborative, social and learning focused work place which embedded sustainability as a core principal.