Nest Nyth

Nest Nyth

Nest Nyth is the new scheme is to help people in Wales reduce the impact of their fuel bills and targets the most vulnerable households, as identified in the Welsh Government’s Fuel Poverty Strategy.

As part of this new Welsh Government fuel poverty scheme Cynnal Cymru, along with partners, was commissioned to create a new brand mark and communication messaging.

Through a series of interactive workshops, the bilingual branding, Nest – Nyth, was created, a reassuring brand which was designed to give the target audience confidence in the scheme.

Nest was a word chosen by people in focus groups to describe how they feel about their home. It was developed together with the bird box branding which is easily identifiable, bold in colour and has the comforting wording ‘Making Wales Cosy.’

Nest offers free advice about:

  • Saving energy
  • Money management
  • Making sure you’re on the best fuel tariff for you;
  • And whether you are entitled to any benefits to boost your income

This project was commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and was managed by Rosa Robinson and Lynsey Jackson from Cynnal Cymru in collaboration with COIN and design agency Hoffi.

Downloadable resources

The NEST page can be accessed here and the team are contactable on 0808 808 22 44.