Melin Homes – Community Sustainability Report

Melin Homes – Community Sustainability Report

Melin Homes has been running as a non-profit social landlord since 2007, providing affordable, high quality, energy efficient homes to families in South and South-East Wales. As a non-profit social landlord, Melin Homes reinvests profits back in to the organisation. Melin use profits to invest in communities and improve the lives of their residents and tenants.

Melin Homes first joined Cynnal Cymru in 2015 as a member and has since gone on to be one of our leading sustainability organisations, regularly sharing learning and best practice through our case studies and events.

Trisha Hoddinott was one of the first people to complete our Business Leadership for Sustainable Development course.The qualification helped Trisha to expand her Arbed work into a broader sustainability strategy for the company. In recognition of her new knowledge and developing skills, Melin promoted her to lead the company’s sustainabuility team. This is exactly the sort of personnal professional development  that our course is designed to support. The course’s work-based assignments require students to develop an action plan for their employer. Trish subsequently asked us to help her turn her action plan into an annual report

Working with Melin Homes we helped to develop their first integrated sustainability report in 2016, working closely with their team to gather and collate key data and stories. Our analyst used data they had gathered on a range of environmental, social and economic metrics and processed this into graphics that illustrated a narrative account. We translated data into a story and anchored the company story to the experiences and success of individuals: colleagues, customers and collaborators.

This is their Community Sustainability Report which covers their sustainable development strategy and looks forward to what they hope to achieve in future.