New Directors at Cynnal Cymru

Mari Arthur & Helen Nelson

New Directors at Cynnal Cymru

Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales announces the appointment of two joint Directors to lead the organisation over the next nine months up to 31 March 2016 – Helen Nelson and Mari Arthur.

Cynnal Cymru is currently going through a period of transition. On 1 April 2016 a significant part of its current work will be transferring to the new Commissioner for Future Generations together with some of the staff associated with that work. Cynnal Cymru is therefore in the process of reshaping and expanding its other functions to enable it to continue to play a significant and complementary role to the advancement of sustainable development in Wales on behalf of its members and many other organisations and bodies.
Because these two functions will become more distinct over the months ahead the Board decided not to replace the outgoing Chief Executive with a single new Chief Executive. Instead they have appointed two co-Directors who will work closely together during the interim period while Cynnal Cymru’s present functions remain united under a single body, but will also prepare the ground for the separation that lies ahead.

The appointments of Helen Nelson and Mari Arthur were made after a selection process open to all Cynnal Cymru staff.

Announcing the appointments Derek Osborn, the Chair of Cynnal Cymru said “I am delighted that we have been able to find within the organisation two such strong and dedicated individuals to lead the organisation through the period of change and transition that lies ahead. We are in effect at the beginning of creating two largely new organisations – the new Office of the Commissioner for Future Generations to be created on a statutory basis under the Well-being of Future Generations Act; and a new Cynnal Cymru reshaped as a non-statutory charity dedicated to serving the needs of its members and everyone in Wales concerned with advancing the cause of sustainable development. The Board and Cynnal Cymru are fully committed to playing their part in making a success of both these challenges, and we are confident that in Helen and Mari we have the right leaders for the process.”

Helen Nelson joined Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales in 2003 as its first staff member and subsequent Executive Director, playing a key part in growing the organisation from a start- up to a Wales-wide network of staff, members and partners dedicated to sustainable development. For the last three years, Helen has overseen the Welsh Government contract ‘External Support for Sustainable Development in Wales’ which has included the Sustainable Development Charter, The Wales We Want National Conversation, support for the Commissioner for Sustainable Futures and the Climate Change Commission. She is also a non-executive director of Down to Earth in Swansea which supports social inclusion through practical hands on sustainability and personal development.

Mari Arthur is an experienced marketing and business strategist, having worked in a number of organisations in both the private and public sectors. Mari owns two Cardiff-based businesses; a health spa and an eco nursery and has run her own marketing consultancy for the past nine years. Mari joined Cynnal Cymru in September 2014 as the Communications and Marketing Manager and is pleased to be working with the team on this new direction in Cynnal’s journey.