We exist to support our members.

Our members are people who have the energy and ideas to change Wales and the world. We are building a growing community of doers and thinkers, people who turn ideas into practical reality, organisations that do good while doing well, entrepreneurs and innovators with infectious optimism who find a new way forward, campaigners and voluntary activists who believe in better.

Our community of mutually supportive members provides an opportunity to share learning, challenge thinking and inspire change.

Why Join

Cynnal Cymru is the leading organisation for sustainable development in Wales. We are an independent charity with over 14 years’ experience providing advice, support and training to a wide range of organisations and individuals.

We provide networking and shared learning opportunities, news and updates as well as project support and information to help you on your sustainable journey.

We showcase good practice through: our monthly newsletter, our website, our social media channels and through our annual series of events.

Cynnal Connects

We connect people and organisations together to build a sustainable society based on best practice and a shared vision. Cynnal Connect is a platform for our members to build their business and build their profile amongst those with a similar interest and mission.

Cynnal Connect provides:
• Networking opportunities for our members, cross-sector pan-Wales
• Events showcasing the most innovative technologies and business opportunities
• Advice and support from our experienced staff
• New project opportunities and collaborations with our members and our wider network

How it Works

We offer standard membership for organisations; together you can help us to grow a more sustainable Wales.

In addition as an organisation you can upgrade to our premium package, which includes a number of exclusive consultancy and promotional opportunities designed to challenge and support your sustainability goals.

From as little as £150 per year for organisational membership, you can become a member today.

Ready to Join?

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