28 March | WWF Earth Hour Wales 2020

It’s time to stand in solidarity with communities across the world as Earth Hour returns on Saturday the 28th of March from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

12 June | Smarter Wales Consumer of the Future

Smart Energy GB invites you to the Senedd on Wednesday 12 of June at 12pm for a lunchtime reception to discuss the current market innovations and opportunities for the smart energy consumer of the future.

12 June | MiPV Green Fleet Initiative Day

The MIPV Green Fleet Initiative Day will demonstrate how to put your fleet sustainability plan into action and offer you an easy route to ‘Go Green’, commence your change journey and meet your sustainability goals!

09 May | Mind the gap, Webinar

Institution of Civil Engineers Webinar: Mind the gap – delivering inclusive outcomes through transport systems and infrastructure.