27 April | The Sustain Wales Summit 2017

27 April | The Sustain Wales Summit 2017

Business Innovation for a Sustainable Economy

 “…what Wales is doing today the world will do tomorrow.”  

Nikhil Seth, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, United Nations

The Sustain Wales Summit is an annual conference that highlights emerging low-carbon innovation to demonstrate the real potential for creating a low carbon future.

The Summit brings together local, national and international sector-leading experts who are already translating the principles of sustainability into practice. Cutting-edge themes the Summit will address in 2017 include:

  • Connecting communities
  • Urban well-being
  • Buildings for the future

Each speaker can demonstrate that innovative technology is available and can drive an affordable transition to a low-carbon, sustainable society.

In April 2016 the landmark legislation The Well-being of Future Generations Act came in to force. Wales is now leading the way in transforming the way decisions are made in the interest of future generations. The Sustain Wales Summit will identify the innovative approaches required and low carbon technology currently available which can be used to make Wales the sustainable nation it aims to become.

The Summit will bring together new innovative organisations with products that have the power to transform the built environment, integrate with the natural environment and thus help Wales realise its ambition of becoming a sustainable economy and society.  The technology is available to develop houses, buildings and infrastructure in a more sustainable way.

Innovation underpins sustainable business practice; we have gone beyond merely doing business responsibly and now need to explore new technologies, new ways of working and new ways of procuring and consuming goods and services.