About Cynnal Coffee Club

About Cynnal Coffee Club

Cynnal Coffee Club is an regular online conversation to share learning and explore positive actions we can take forward to ensure a more resilient and sustainable future.

Each month we will be inviting a guest host to set the scene, before inviting everyone to have their say on the challenges and opportunities they face now and in the future.

As the conversations evolve we will be developing key topics into more in depth discussions which will feature throughout the year as part of our Summit Series.



How you can join the discussion

To ensure the opportunity for everyone to have their say, we are keeping these events small and we will be encouraging participation from a range of different businesses and organisations.

If you would like to join the conversation or support our work in any way, please get in touch at coffee@cynnalcymru.com


The conversation so far…

To date we have held four discussions with our members and wider network, to help get a sense of what different size organisations are experiencing as they adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak and to explore what actions we can take forward to ensure a sustainable future. So far, the conversations have been around the following themes:


On fair work / Living Wage:

– Support for people on reduced hours and pay – e.g. universal basic income

– Identifying those such as carers who fall between the gaps in terms of support


On sustainable business:

– Mitigating the risk of losing small, independent businesses that form the heart of our communities

– Adapting and shortening the supply chain by tapping into local knowledge

– Building networks of mutual support and the benefits of more minds to help to develop and adapt more quickly

–  Business diversification and adapting to need

– How core values e.g. social values are helping businesses to adapt more quickly


On talking about sustainability or climate change:

– How and when do we talk about sustainability during this crisis?

– How working from home has opened up conversations about the positive effect of carbon reductions


On the positive learning we can build on:

– The benefits and challenges of digital working practices – including the opportunity to be more inclusive in how we provide our services

– The reduction in pollution, transport costs and travel time as a result of working from home and how we can shape the transition out of the current crisis

– The need to shift to a different economic model


On work/ life balance:

– What we can take forward to create a more positive work/life balance


We’ll be collating the conversations to share more widely and will be developing some of the themes in more depth as part of our online Summit series.