12 January 2017 | Coffee and Community

12 January 2017 | Coffee and Community

This convivial and informative meeting aims to explore three aspects of coffee & community:

Source – Exploring ethical supply chains and the impact of our thirst for coffee on growing communities. How can we consume responsibly?

Society – What are the benefits of coffee to communities? How are people in Wales helping coffee-growing communities abroad? Are our communities here benefitting from the explosive growth of coffee consumption? How can institutions work with franchises to uphold sustainability standards?

Ground – Looking at how the waste materials that come from our consumption be minimised or used more productively.

Featuring speakers from:

Green Cup, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Size of Wales

Plus opportunity for discussion, networking and exchange of ideas

Green Cup – Drink a cup of Greencup and you emit a third less carbon than when you drink most competitor coffees. Find out why.

Cardiff Met Catering and campus franchises aim to eliminate coffee cups from the waste stream. Find out how.

Size of Wales work with growers to companion-plant forest shade trees with coffee in an effort to protect the crop from climate change threats. Find out how you can help.

2pm – 4pm |12 January 2017 | Cardiff Metropolitan School of Management

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