Carbon Literacy for Work

Carbon Literacy for Work

Carbon Literacy for Work is for individuals from any organisation – public sector, businesses, charities, voluntary groups – that has aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, is thinking of doing so, or wants to influence others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt low carbon lifestyles.

“A valuable course that gave me all the tools I needed to disarm climate sceptics and convey the utter madness of inaction. Motivating and empowering, time truly well spent.”

Group Carbon Literacy training sessions

Learning Outcomes

An understanding of:

  • The science behind climate change
  • Social equity and climate change
  • What you can do to act on climate change
  • Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change

In addition the group sessions are ideal for kick starting whole organisation action as part of a longer term strategy.


  Members Non-Members
Open Course for individuals £85 + VAT £95 + VAT
Carbon Literacy (for up to 10 people) £750 + VAT £850 + VAT
Carbon Literacy (for 11 to 15 people) £875 + VAT £1125 + VAT
Tailored Course Additional £400 plus VAT per day for course development Additional £500 per day for course development
Course Certificate £10 per person £10 per person

The bespoke one day sessions are from £750 plus VAT. Plus a £10 certification fee per person. The sessions are ideally suited for 10-15 people but smaller groups can be accommodated. Bespoke sessions are tailored for your organisation, sector or industry  


In order to become certified as Carbon Literate, you must take part in a day’s worth of accredited Carbon Literacy learning. On successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Trust and join a growing movement of linked individuals across the world who understand the basic science of climate change and are able to make rational, informed decisions about how we respond.    


The work session is led by our Training Manager Rhodri Thomas. Rhodri is educated to Masters level in Environmental Management and has worked for the Environment Agency and Forum For The Future among others. He has a Professional Graduate Certificate (PGCE) in Adult Education & Training and is currently the only certified Carbon Literacy trainer in Wales. If you would require further information or would like to discuss your training and professional development needs, please contact Rhodri Thomas, Training Manager by emailing



The Carbon Literacy Project aims to give everyone the opportunity to explore what the reality of climate change means for them in their home life and work life.  Equipped with the facts on how human activity, climate and natural systems are inter-related, individuals, communities and organisations are helped to take action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Cynnal Cymru is the official partner of the Carbon Literacy Project in Wales.  We offer certified Carbon Literacy training.