23 July | Cynnal Coffee Club: Measuring ‘Better’ – how can we measure progress on sustainability?

23 July | Cynnal Coffee Club: Measuring ‘Better’ – how can we measure progress on sustainability?

Cynnal Coffee Club is a series of monthly online conversations to share learning and explore positive actions we can take forward to ensure a more resilient and sustainable future.

Each month we will be inviting a guest host to set the scene, before inviting everyone to have their say on the challenges and opportunities they face now and in the future.

Join us on Thursday 23 July from 10-10:45am to discuss: Defining and Measuring ‘Better’

There is a general acceptance that the Covid pandemic has provided the world with an opportunity to re-think social and economic systems: as we re-start the economies of countries around the world we need to “build back better”. Are we all agreed what “better” means?

What are the metrics that corporations, municipalities, public bodies and NGOs should be measuring and reporting on to enable us to tell if we are indeed creating a better world? The goals of the Well-being of Future generations Act and the UNSDGs provide a starting point.

In addition, there are clear steers coming from the CBI and the financial community that post-Covid financial investment will be consistent with zero carbon, resource efficiency and ethical strategies. So what guidance can we give to Welsh SMEs on the topic of reporting?

What are the core metrics that tell us if we really are building back better? And are these essential metrics at the heart of public sector reporting in Wales?


How you can join the discussion?

To ensure the opportunity for everyone to have their say, we are keeping these events small and we will be encouraging participation from a range of different businesses and organisations.

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