14 July | Cynnal Connect – ‘Does the Car Have a Sustainable Future?’

14 July | Cynnal Connect – ‘Does the Car Have a Sustainable Future?’

Emerging technology and patterns of use in the automotive industry.

What we drive and how we drive is changing. Change brings challenges and opportunities. Three speakers at the forefront of new developments in the motor industry share their insights and plans. Come and join us at Motorline Toyota to hear about new engine technology, new patterns of ownership and use, and the challenges associated with changing car culture to deliver a safer and sustainable future.



Event hosts Motorline Toyota will be demonstrating a number of new hybrid models, sharing news of the company’s concept hydrogen car and introducing the new commercial range. Toyota have invested in Wales through their Deeside engine plant which is one of a network of sustainable plants worldwide to serve as industry leading prototypes for clean and green production. See more at: www.toyotauk.com/environment/sustainable-plant.html#sthash.RalkctD1.dpuf

Read more about Toyota’s approach to sustainability here: www.toyota-global.com/sustainability/


Dr Paul Nieuwenhuis is a Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff University and is Co-Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research. After a spell in consultancy, carrying out projects for most of the world’s car and truck makers and acting as a special advisor on state aid in the automotive industry to the European Commission (DGIV), he joined the Centre for Automotive Industry Research (CAIR) at Cardiff University in 1990. CAIR specialises in the economic and strategic aspects of the world automotive sector, giving it a rare overview of the industry. The centre has attracted contracts from car manufacturers, suppliers and governments, world-wide. While at the centre, Paul has developed his special interest in the problems of making personal mobility compatible with the need for sustainability.

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Enterprise Car Club offers an hourly, self-service, low emission car rental service with cars parked just around the corner from your home and office, perfect for when staff need to travel to site visits, meetings and run errands, as well as removing parking issues and reducing the need for private car ownership. Enterprise will share some great examples of where organisations made use of such solutions for employee travel needs and achieved fantastic results in cost and CO2 reduction, and will give the opportunity for delegates to ask any questions they may have to hopefully assist them in making similarly positive steps in their own business. Jon Brookes is the Regional Business Rental Manager for Enterprise Holdings in South Wales and Southwest England, overseeing a team of consultants with expertise in helping businesses develop more sustainable transport platforms for their organisations.  Jon has nearly 8 years’ experience with Enterprise within the daily rental operations and now oversees the Business to Business relationships and the Car Club operations in South Wales and the South West.  He also sits on Enterprise’s regional Founding Values and Sustainability Committee.



Riversimple have completely turned the conventional business model on its head, with a new business proposition to offer for their innovative technologies. They do not sell cars and never will. The Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car uses a hydrogen fuel cell and passes the hydrogen through a Proton Exchange Membrane which combines with oxygen to form water and electricity. Most importantly, Riversimple will not sell the car, but only provide them as a hire service. A monthly fee will cover all costs associated with owning a car. By retaining ownership of the car, Riversimple can align their interests with that of the customers – longevity and low running costs.




Thursday 14 July
Motorline Toyota Cardiff |Hadfield Road | Cardiff | CF11 8AQ



Tickets are £15.00 for non-members and £10.00 for Cynnal Cymru members.
Teas and coffees available


Our ‘Show & Tell’ events are an opportunity to explore aspects of sustainability in greater depth. They operate on the basis of “three speakers, two hours, one topic.”

Each speaker presents their work/research as a different facet of the whole. Speakers are expected to make their presentations as practical as possible and to provide workshop activities to assist learning and critical reflection.

The audience has ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic as well as network and make new contacts.

The events are informal and designed to share learning and create potential for collaborative projects and ideas.