04 June | Cynnal Coffee Club

04 June | Cynnal Coffee Club

Cynnal Coffee Club is a weekly discussion to help share learning and mobilise action to ensure we have a stronger and more resilient future beyond Covid-19.

Each week we will be inviting a guest host to set the scene, before inviting everyone to have their say on the challenges and opportunities they face now and in the future.

Join us every Thursday at 10am on Zoom (video conferencing), so bring a cup of your favourite brew and let’s see how together we can make a difference.



Can Fair Work in Wales become a post-Covid reality?

Co-hosted by Mari Arthur, Afallen

Thursday 04 June

10-10:45am on Zoom

Around the world, post-Covid recovery packages are being seen as an opportunity to address simultaneously multiple social, environmental and economic challenges. With such a demanding task, how do we keep the Fair Work agenda at the forefront of government thinking and how does this align with other emerging approaches such as the recommendation in the recent Future Generations 2020 report around piloting a 4-day week?

Building on the conversation so far, we are pleased to invite you to join us for another coffee club discussion to explore the benefits and challenges of implementing fair work; the practical steps towards this that organisations are already taking; and the support that is needed to embed this further.

We will be collating what we learn as part of a monthly blog and longer term will look at how the findings can inform how we can do things differently.


How you can join the discussion

To ensure the opportunity for everyone to have their say, we are keeping these events small and we will be encouraging participation from a range of different businesses and organisations.

If you would like to join the conversation or support our work in any way, please get in touch at coffee@cynnalcymru.com

We will be publishing upcoming events in the events calendar, so please get on contact if you would like to be involved.