Derek Osborn, Chair of Cynnal Cymru, launches the new membership offer to supporters of Cynnal Cymru

Derek Osbourn, Chair of Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales

Derek Osborn, Chair of Cynnal Cymru, launches the new membership offer to supporters of Cynnal Cymru

This is a very significant day for Cynnal Cymru. We are opening our doors to invite anyone and everyone concerned with making a sustainable future for Wales to become members of our organisation and to help advance this great cause.

The timing is right. The Welsh Assembly has just enacted the Well-Being of Future Generations Act and will soon be appointing a Future Generations Commissioner to act as an advocate for Future Generations in Wales. Cynnal Cymru has played an active part in the preparation of that legislation, working with the Welsh Government and with Peter Davies, the present Commissioner for Sustainable Futures. Now we intend to play an equally active part in the implementation of the Act and in supporting the work of the new Future Generations Commissioner when he or she is appointed.

Cynnal Cymru already has a broad informal network of supporters and interested individuals and organisations around Wales. Now as the move towards practical action on sustainability accelerates we would invite all our existing friends and supporters to consider taking up the formal membership offer we are putting forward and to engage more regularly with our work and the cause of advancing sustainable development in Wales. At the same time of course we also invite others who may not have been previously connected with our informal network to consider joining. Ours is an open door to all who want to see sustainable development advanced in a practical way in Wales.

As Chair of Cynnal Cymru I am proud to have been invited to be the first person to pay my subscription and to become the first paying member inscribed on the register. I hope that by the end of May and in the months ahead we shall have many many more on the list.

Initially Cynnal Cymru will offer its members:

  • Access to the members’ area of the website with the latest news, views and insight on events and issues concerning sustainable development in Wales
  • Promotional opportunities for members to share their news, stories and learning
  • Regional event and networking opportunities connecting inspiring like-minded people
  • Discounted training and facilitation to help members on their sustainable development journey
  • Advice on training for sustainable development management in organisations
  • 10% of the membership fee will go to the new Sustain Wales Fund being established to support sustainability initiatives and innovation in Wales.

Cynnal Cymru has recently announced the creation of a new award scheme for the advancement of sustainable development in Wales. Further details will be provided shortly, and members will be invited to consider applying for recognition in this way or nominating others.

As a membership organisation Cynnal Cymru will exist to serve its members and will want to shape the services to their needs. Cynnal Cymru will welcome suggestions from members about possible Cynnal Cymru services and activities in the sustainable development field that they would find most useful to them.

Sustainable Development thrives on co-operation and learning from others’ experience. Sometimes when one thinks of the global challenges and problems ahead the changes that one can make as an individual can seem small and inadequate. But hope and courage return when one learns of the myriad changes that many individuals acting together are already making and of the progress already being made in many organisations small and large, not least in Wales which has long been at the forefront in the world in making sustainable development a key national objective. Cynnal Cymru exists to promote and spread more widely that message of hope, courage and mutual support for the changes we all need to make.

Join us, and help us to spread the vision of The Future Wales We Want, and the practical action to secure it.