Cynnal Cymru a’r Iaith Cymraeg

Cynnal Cymru a’r Iaith Cymraeg

This year Cynnal Cymru have been working closely with the Welsh Language Commissioners Office to improve our use of the Welsh language and also look at new innovative ways of using and introducing the language throughout all our events and activities.

Cynnal Cymru is passionate about enabling Wales to become the first sustainable nation. Cynnal Cymru managed The Wales We Want National Conversation which informed new sustainable development legislation: Well-being of Future Generations Act. The Act is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales which includes developing a society that promotes and protects culture, heritage and the Welsh language.

Cynnal Cymru is an independent organisation working to make business and third sector more sustainable. We believe that sustainability covers a range of issues including preserving culture and creating a more equal society. We also believe that innovation is key to making the transition to deliver more sustainable practices and we aim to showcase innovative ways of engaging with people through the Welsh language at our Sustain Wales Summit – Business Innovation for a Sustainable Economy in April.

We have recently updated our Promoting_Welsh_Language_Plan with the help of the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office and engaging with our members about the steps we can all take to encourage greater use of the Welsh language.

Awel Trefor, Promotion and Facilitation Officer for the Welsh Language Commissioners Officer said

“The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Promotion and Facilitation team have been working with Cynnal Cymru to develop their Welsh medium provision.
Our team provides support and advice to organizations wishing to make use of the Welsh language on a voluntary basis, using Cynllun Hybu’r Gymraeg – the Welsh Language Progress Plan – for the benefit of you and your customers and clients. Creating a Progress Plan allows you to assess your current Welsh medium provision and to see how you can develop it further. Committing to a Progress Plan can also be beneficial when applying for funding. We have a micro site for businesses and third sector”