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Friends of the Earth Cymru launch Wales Climate Action Plan

Cyfeillion y Ddaear yn lansio Cynllun Gweithredu Hinsawdd i Gymru

Mae Cyfeillion y Ddaear Cymru wedi lansio Cynllun Gweithredu Hinsawdd i Gymru sy’n galw am adferiad gwyrdd a theg i bobl a chymunedau. Lawrlwythwch y Cynllun Gweithredu Hinsawdd i Gymru Mae argymhellion y cynllun yn cynnwys: blaenoriaethu cymunedau sy’n agored i niwed buddsoddi mewn economi werdd i greu cyfleoedd gwaith trawsnewid y system drafnidiaeth deddfu i lanhau ein haer. Hefyd, Cyfeillion y Ddaear Cymru eisiau i Gymru yn […]

(English) Where does the recovery begin? Thoughts from Cynnal Cymru

(English) If there is any silver lining to the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has been the way it has legitimised the desire for a radical re-haul of Welsh society to better meet the needs of current and future generations. As a membership organisation that exists to accelerate progress towards sustainable development, the opportunities to ‘build back better’ – and avert the impending climate and ecological catastrophes – are things that the Cynnal Cymru team has been thinking about for a long while