Business Leadership


A 20 credit module for work-based learners certified by Cardiff Metropolitan University that can contribute to a Foundation Degree in Applied Professional Practice

This level four module is accredited by Cardiff Metropolitan University and since 2015 has been enabling professionals to develop sustainability action plans for their organisations. It has also helped people develop their careers as sustainability champions within their organisations.


“The course was really good. I think the strong application to business was so beneficial personally and to Principality – it will add value to our work for years to come.”

James Harper, Community Marketing Manager, Principality Building Society



If you are starting out or trying to develop your role as champion for sustainability within your workplace or if your organisation has identified a need to embed sustainability principles into its corporate planning and core business then this course would be an ideal start.

This course is for people who are in work and have a management or leadership role. It is assessed at Level 4 which is equivalent to undergraduate level.It is ideally suited for someone who has been tasked to develop the sustainability approach of their organisation from a blank page or rudimentary level.

The main aim of this short course is to:

  • Develop leaders who can bring about positive change by developing their understanding of the principles of sustainable development.
  • Help leaders apply changes in sustainable development that influence business practice to produce measurable benefits for the organisation, its customers, the environment, the economy and society.



On successful completion of this short course, students should be able to:

  • Define sustainable development in an organisational context
  • Identify organisational impact on the natural environment, society/community and the wider economy
  • Evaluate business practice in the context of Welsh public policy on sustainable development
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the importance of leadership and how it impacts on the implementation of sustainable development principles within an organisation
  • Analyse different approaches to sustainable development in a business context
  • Reflect on their own organisation’s activity and critically analyse how their organisation can improve its sustainability performance
  • Produce a sustainable development action plan and policy



The course is structured with a two hour seminar once a week for the first four weeks. These can be scheduled by consensus to suit the students. The first time Rhodri did the course, we had sessions in the evening and the second time they were in work hours.  He creates a relaxed atmosphere of peer support and group learning in these sessions since most of the course requires the student to work alone and direct their own learning through applied research in the workplace. Two colleagues from the same organisation did the course looking at different aspects of sustainability – this arrangement  worked well.

The three assignments are entirely practical. The final assignment requires the student to produce a practical action plan for the organisation. The course is delivered in association with Cardiff Met’s Centre for Work-based Learning and students can access the University’s e-library and other support services.

Classroom – lecture, group tasks, class discussion, case study analysis

Self Study and applied learning methods – literature research, case study analysis, work-based tasks, report writing, producing a draft sustainable development action plan or policy for current work place.


Course dates are flexible to accommodate each new group

Course Price £750 plus VAT. Members of Cynnal Cymru qualify for a 10% discount.

Phone or email Rhodri for more information – 02920 192021 –