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Car Futures Wales – The Road Ahead

This week the UK Government has launched its Road To Zero Strategy  which gives a clear indicator that ultra low emission and electric vehicles are the future for the UK. The Welsh Government has also launched consultation on Achieving Our Low Carbon Pathway to 2030 In February 2018, we held the Car Futures Wales conference with […]

Developing a sustainable transport approach for Cardiff

We have been very pleased to have been of service to Cardiff Council this year and have learned a great deal from the work, helping us to hone our skills and broaden our knowledge. In February we facilitated a workshop for stakeholders of the Council’s transport team. They needed to consult with city centre businesses […]

Green Fleet Cymru – Event Report

Rhodri Thomas, Sustainability Consultant for Cynnal Cymru, shares his views on what he learnt at the Green Fleet Cymru event at Cardiff City Stadium on the 21st June. Read the views of industry experts, UK and Welsh government officials and Rhodri’s startling conclusion! On the 21st June I attended a very interesting event at the […]

Future CarDiff | Where Are Electric Cars Driving To?

We are looking forward to our ‘Future CAR:DIFF’ event on the 11th July when industry experts and the City Council Leader, Cllr. Huw Thomas, will consider the challenges and opportunities associated with electric car use in Cardiff. The reality we all have to face is that for many people, life without a car is unthinkable. […]