Are you doing things ‘Nature’s Way’? – Environet Cymru

Dwr Cymru

Are you doing things ‘Nature’s Way’? – Environet Cymru

Taking care of nature in our homes and gardens is one thing but how do we do it in the places where we work or volunteer?

Environet Cymru’s new Investing in Nature guide helps us look at the negative impacts that we may inadvertently be having on nature and explains the simple, practical but often over-looked actions that we can take to Help Wildlife to Thrive. It also explains how you can influence others and do more across your group or organisation by Getting Nature into Your Environmental Policy.

Environet Cymru aims to share and promote this learning through networking, regional events and online and telephone support. Together, even small actions, with the right advice and support, can have a huge impact so please get involved today! If you’ve got a specific idea for an environmental project that you would like to start or to find partners, resources and funding for, then please get in touch by emailing

Find out more on Environet Cymru website.