Well-being Now and for Future Generations


Wales is on a journey to become a place of global significance. Recent legislation, unique to Wales under the devolution settlement, has created a framework and opportunity for all sectors and communities. We can become a low carbon, resource efficient, healthy, well-educated, and enterprising society, thriving within environmental limits.

These informal sessions are designed to introduce new and existing staff members to the basics of sustainability with the aim of inspiring new sustainability champions within an organisation or team.



A one hour session, suitable for up to 10 people.

These informal session are ideally suited for lunchtime learning and can be held in your place of work.



  • Learn the fundamentals of Sustainable Development and it’s significance in Wales
  • Understand the commercial cultural and legal significance of “Responsible Business”



Two free places per year for all Cynnal Cymru members

£20 plus VAT for non-members / additional places


Come and find out how this would be possible and how you can play a part.