Our role is to help you to discover what sustainable development means for you and develop your capacity to; turn principles into practice, reap the benefits, and report on your progress.

Sustainable Development is a philosophy of management. This includes management of organisations, communities, nations, households and the self.

Although sustainable development is founded on scientific facts and core principles there are multiple ways that these can be implemented and used – the individual or the organisation discovers what is right for them. Some organisations refer to “corporate social responsibility” or “business ethics” or “environmental stewardship” – its all covered by sustainable development.

Major global brands, SMEs, social enterprises and charities across the world are now embracing this as the smart way forward that benefits them, their communities and the environment that supports all of us and makes everything possible. Business as usual is simply not an option.


Our training:

Introductory level –

Well-being Now and for Future Generations

An overview of sustainability in Wales – why Wales is special when it comes to the concept of Sustainable Development


Organisational level –

Carbon Literacy

Climate change fully explained, its implications and opportunities explored: colleagues work together to identify actions that can be taken immediately to become more efficient and less wasteful thereby reducing the organisation’s emission of greenhouse gasses.


Act Now, Act Fast, Act Facts

The implications and opportunities of important legislation unique to Wales: the Well-being of Future Generations Act and the Environment Act


Manager Level –

Building Resilience, Safe-guarding Success

Integrated management workshop


We recommend:

For organisations, our Building Resilience, Safe-guarding Success workshops provide an Integrated Management approach that will enable a team to integrate Sustainable Development principles into the organisation’s mission and core business. The aim is to move the organisation from a position of risk mitigation and basic compliance, through to being a recognised leader for positive change. A key outcome of this training is long-term thinking, and an integrated approach to strategic action-planning and reporting.


“Working with Cynnal Cymru has really helped us to get Sustainable Development on the agenda at a corporate level and we would highly recommend that other organisations avail themselves of these excellent services.”

Cardiff Metropolitan University


If you would require further information or would like to discuss your training and professional development needs, please contact Rhodri Thomas, Training Manager by emailing or telephoning 029 20 192021