The Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy is a concept co-created in Manchester by Cooler Projects Ltd. and governed by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

It is a key component of Greater Manchester’s plan to respond to the climate changes caused by human activity. The idea is simple – everyone should have the opportunity through a day’s worth of learning to understand the causes and consequences of climate change and be supported to play their part in response to this global threat.

The Carbon Literacy Project is globally unique – there is nothing else quite like it anywhere. It was recognised as such by the UN at COP21, in Paris, where it was awarded as a TAP100, one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs.

carbon literacy project infographic

BBC vox pop HD from The Carbon Literacy Project on Vimeo.

The BBC, Manchester City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, 21 housing associations and dozens of community initiatives across Greater Manchester are just some of the organisations that have benefitted from Carbon Literacy training. Salford aims to become the world’s first Carbon Literate City. The Project is supported and funded in Scotland by the Scottish Government and is now establishing in Holland, France, Leeds and the international Olympic movement. Cynnal Cymru is working with Cooler Projects to promote Carbon Literacy in Wales. We have recently helped establish a consortium of 27 social housing companies that are collaborating to develop Carbon Literacy training for their staff as part of their commitment to a decarbonisation of housing across Wales.