Ten Trees for Christmas

Ten Trees for Christmas

Did you know, your Christmas tree is one of 6 million trees that will be thrown away this January?

Size of Wales have the solution for you! Their Christmas campaign, ‘Ten Trees for Christmas’ is unique to Wales and is offering you the chance to offset this figure and be part of Wales’ response to climate change.

For just £3 you can support Wales’ tree planting project, the Mbale Trees Programme, which will plant 10 fruit trees on your behalf in Uganda, offering a lifeline to Ugandan families whilst offsetting the carbon emissions caused by mass deforestation.

Learn more about the Mbale Tree Programme here>>

Offset your Christmas Tree

One of the highlights of the Christmas season has to be decorating the Christmas tree. The uncomfortable reality is that an estimated 6 million Christmas trees are chopped down each year. So this year join global efforts to offset this figure by donating to replant fruit trees for families in Uganda, for just £3!

Deforestation continues to be one of the major contributing factors of climate change. Trees absorb vast amounts of greenhouse gases that are causing a warming planet. So plant trees that also gives lifelines to families in Uganda!

Plant Fruit Trees on Somebody’s Behalf

It seems that a shift is happening in people’s thinking about Christmas, and slowly, we are moving away from the consumer-driven notion of Christmas and instead choosing to give homemade and/or ethical gifts and charitable donations – so why not plant a tree as a gift to a loved one?

Plant Hundreds of Trees as a Team

Why not scrap the office secret Santa this year? – after all, you’re often left with novelty, unwanted, plastic gifts! Instead, do as Holy Yolks did and pool your Secret Santa budget and donate to tree planting in Uganda so you can proudly say “we have planted hundreds of trees this Christmas”

Send E-cards

1 billion Christmas cards are thrown away each year and the vast majority of these end up in landfill.

Don’t be part of this huge figure! Instead, reduce your Christmas-induced environmental footprint and send your festive wishes to friends and family using e-cards.

Find out how you can do all of these things this Christmas with Size of Wales here>>