Sustainable Innovation

This category recognises the innovative approaches, products, projects or services that demonstrates the creativity and cutting-edge practices that will help Wales to achieve the national Well-being Goals.

Dwr Cymru Rainscape – WINNER


Dwr Cymru ambition is to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2035 and there are two innovative projects working towards this. RainScape is Dwr Cymru’s approach to sustainably managing surface water entering the sewer network to help reduce sewer flooding and pollution and create greener, cleaner communities. The project will improve the resilience of the sewer network through managing the amount of surface water entering sewers. At Dwr Cymru’s Five Fords Energy Park there are multiple forms of renewable energy including an anaerobic digestion plant which produces biogas from the sewage sludge and produces electricity, a biomethane injection plant which purifies gas to be exported, a 2.5 MW solar PV array, a wind turbine and a hydro turbine on the treated water effluent outfall and battery storage is being investigated.


Port of Milford Haven


The Port of Milford Haven is a key driver of economic activity in Pembrokeshire and energy management at the Port is instrumental in unlocking Megawatts of renewable capacity to put Wales at the forefront of the global energy sector. Wales has significant natural resources to generate energy however the demand is not near the resources and the electricity networks both distribution and transmission, are not capable of handling more embedded generation. Work at the Port of Milford Haven to produce a smarter energy system matching generation with consumption and storage with the added benefit of ‘bridging’ the electric and gas networks is seeking to overcome these issues to the benefit of the Port and the rest of Wales. The Port has installed 2,500 solar panels across 25 of its buildings and installed low-energy LED bollards throughout Milford Marina as part of a renovation programme with many more projects being developed.



Newport City Homes

newport city homes


Newport City Homes have introduced a district heating system and provides heating and hot water to 970 homes and a local primary school. The properties on the estate were built in the 1970s by the local authority with duel fuel oil/gas fired boilers but today residents were dissatisfied with their fixed charges for using the system. In 2010, new heating controls and heat meters were installed to allow residents to control comfort levels and heat meters to allow individual billing. In 2014 new technology came onto the market so 650 smart energy meters were installed in people’s homes which allowed people to monitor usage daily, weekly and annually.  The units also allow residents to top up their meters much more easier. Construction of the new energy centre with an environmentally-friendly carbon efficient boiler also aims to improve the service provided to more than 900 properties and the school. Since implementing the new energy saving measures annual gas consumption reduced by 50%, saving 2,032 tonnes of CO2.

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