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11 JUNE 2020 | 09:30 – 12:00 GMT


Cost: Pay what you can*

Our fifth annual Sustain Wales Summit was held on 11 June 2020

Our first in a series of online sessions looked at the drivers of change for work and organisations before and during COVID-19, and the impact on employers, employees, communities and the planet. Our focus will be on practical steps and frank discussion providing knowledge, ideas and contacts to take action.

As the public, private and third sectors discuss the priorities for a revived Welsh economy, we hear that we should ‘build back better’ – but what does that mean in practice? How can leaders of organisations in Wales, big and small, ensure that employee well-being, fair jobs, action on climate and the ecological crisis are balanced with the need to generate income?

Our collective response to COVID-19 has demonstrated that we can change and adapt quickly. The 2020 Sustain Wales Summit will examine what a ‘new normal’ could look like for working people and for businesses, from the way we travel to work, to how we use technology and the priorities on which future decisions are made.  As lockdown begins to ease, our speakers will offer insight and challenge if now is the time to rebuild our economy on sustainable development principles, and how this might be done.



The Summit brings together sector-leading experts who are focused on translating the principles of sustainability into practice. This event will be an opportunity to hear from ARUP; Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT; Brian Morgan, Professor of Economics, Cardiff Metropolitan University; Ben Cottam, Head of External Affairs, FSB Wales, Size of Wales; Trish Hoddinot, Sustainability Manager, Melin Homes and Dave Coleman, Managing Director, Carbon Literacy Project.

See the full agenda here.



Our line-up of speakers will be joined by ‘keynote listeners’ to pick up key notes arising from the session to inform work on the policy agenda for the future.

We will be asking:

●        What is the future of travelling to work and how we can incentivise active and decarbonise travel?

●        What are the implications of digital innovation for people and the environment?

●        What are the challenges and opportunities for small businesses in lowering emissions and protecting the environment?

●        Does building an organisation on sustainable development principles ensure resilience for an uncertain future? Where will we face difficulties in future, and how will we overcome them?


Since 2002, Cynnal Cymru has championed sustainable development and provided a platform to debate and mobilise action for a just, prosperous and low carbon Wales. We are an independent charity and we work in partnership with our Members and partners to bring together like-minds to help support our cause.

*Like many organisations, we recognise that the current situation may be difficult financially, therefore we are asking people to pay what they can afford. 

Since 2002, Cynnal Cymru has championed sustainable development and provided a platform to debate and mobilise action for a just, prosperous and low carbon Wales.

We work in partnership with our members and supporters to create a growing programme of events from our networking lunches; thematic conferences and shared learning events; to our annual Sustain Wales Summit and our Sustainable Academy Awards.


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