Share your views on Ecological Footprint as a well-being indicator for Wales

Share your views on Ecological Footprint as a well-being indicator for Wales

The Welsh Government has recently published the update of Wales’ Ecological Footprint for 2011 – Ecological Footprint of Wales Report

The ecological footprint is a calculation that represents the biologically productive land required to provide the resources to maintain a specific population, based on the consumption rate over a year. It also accounts for the land required to assimilate the wastes produced, including greenhouse gases.

The ecological footprint is one of Wales’ headline Sustainable Development Indicators for resource use under Welsh Government’s One Wales One Planet and has informed the development of policies such as the waste strategy, Towards Zero Waste and Planning Policy Wales.

In the light of the new national indicators which are required under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act and the importance of using the right evidence in making decisions for the long term, the Minister for Natural Resources has asked me for views on the future use of the ecological footprint.

I would be pleased to receive your views to contribute to my response – in particular you may want to consider how useful the Ecological Footprint is in:

  • Assessing Wales’ progress against the well-being goals (or parts of)?
  • Comparing with other countries?
  • Deciding on national milestones?
  • Disaggregating this down to different areas within Wales?
  • Communicating the need to move towards a One Planet Wales?
  • Policy development and decision making (including the use of different scenarios)?
  • Being a measure of a globally responsible Wales?

Please respond to us via by 19 September 2015.

Peter Davies
Commissioner for Sustainable Future, and Chair of the Climate Change Commission for Wales