Waste Management

Waste Management

Recovering Resources

By recovering materials from old products we are removing or reducing the need to extract yet more raw materials from the earth. 74% of the municipal solid waste produced by Wales can be recycled or composted through current processes so by taking part in recycling you can help to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Recycling also reduces the demand for raw materials which in turn saves on carbon emissions, water, and land required to produce new items.

You will need to contact your Local Authority to find out what your organisation can recycle and where. Many offer facilities for recycling paper, cardboard, plastics and food. The Carbon Trust have produced a handy guide to help you understand more about ‘Waste and Recycling’.

Of course reducing demands for these resources in the first place, for example by emailing instead of printing documents, is far better than recycling. However, certain office equipment is necessary for the functioning of the organisation or business, and so understanding how to best maintain and recover resources is important for transitioning towards a ‘circular economy’.


Recycling Office Equipment

You might also need to think about how you recycle cartridges, computers, office furniture and equipment. For information on all types of recycling please contact your Local Authority, Waste Awareness Wales, or WRAP.

There are also companies and organisations you can contact to help you recycle specific items:


Office furniture and equipment