Sustain Wales Summit – Final Report 2018

Sustain Wales Summit – Final Report 2018

This year’s Sustain Wales Summit demonstrated how leading businesses and organisations are developing more innovative procurement practices that contribute to overall sustainability agenda for Wales.

The Summit looked at different aspects of procurement in the context of a variety of economic sectors. Sharing good practice and ideas from local, national and international organisations. Our themes this year focused on:



Remove Reduce Reuse & Recycle plastics from products and packaging


Adding value through engagement and communication


Delivering well-being throughout the supply chain


This report highlights the key points from our speakers, covering the following topics:

– Solutions and actions to take single-use plastics out of the supply chain (working towards eliminating plastic waste that enters the environment)

– Infrastructure and construction projects that deliver multiple social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits

– Products that are designed to be part of a circular, zero waste economy

– Contracts for goods and services that deliver added value beyond best price and include community and staff well-being as part of the offer

The Summit theme of procurement follows on from of a 2017 round table on sustainable procurement held at Bridgend College.

Download the Sustain Wales Summit Report 2018