Responsible Resource Use

Responsible Resource Use

Your organisation could reduce overheads by using less energy and water, consuming fewer raw materials and reducing waste.


Measure your resource use

Understanding your resource demands is the first step to reducing your negative environmental impacts. Once you know the amount of resources you use, you can then begin to increase efficiencies and improve your positive impacts. Methods and suggestions of how to do this are explained in the following sections.


Resources to measure your environmental impact:

The Carbon Trust – these resources can help you measure your resource use and provide examples of ways to reduce your impact; Resource Efficiency Self Assessment Tool, Sustainability Top Tips, Case study 1 – Promo Cymru, and Case study 2 – YMCA.

Resource Efficiency Self-assessment Tool – this tool can help you identify the cost of the resources your business uses, where savings can be made, highlight areas where you should prioritise your efforts, and will even provide you with a basic action plan to help you get started.

Green Dragon – an environmental standard awarded to organisations taking action to understand, monitor and control their impacts on the environment. The Green Dragon Standard  is owned and operated by Groundwork Wales.

Centre for Alternative Technology – free information service offers advice and information on all aspects of sustainable living which can help you choose what measures are the most useful for you to take to reduce your environmental impact and lower your carbon footprint.


Carbon foot-printing:

A ‘carbon footprint‘ measures the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation, event or product. It is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Your organisational carbon footprint includes emissions from all the activities across your organisation, including buildings’ energy use, products you buy, electricity and gas, and transport.

Measuring your carbon footprint can help you to reduce your organisation’s impact on climate change, save money by cutting fuel bills and other costs, satisfy legislative and funder requirements on environmental performance, and improve your reputation with potential service users and supporters.


Who can help?


Reduce your resource use

Once you understand your resource use you can work to reduce your demands. These webpages have helpful tips to reduce your resource use and signpost to relevant organisations who can help with further efficiencies:

Energy Efficiency
Water Efficiency
Waste Management
Smarter Travel