Halen Mon: combining traditional craft with innovative technology

Halen Mon: combining traditional craft with innovative technology

Halen Môn, Anglesey Sea Salt Company produces high quality organic sea salt flakes using traditional age-old craft, combining traditional hand harvesting with brand new and innovative technology. The end result?  A product which can sit among the greats including Champagne, Parma Ham and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies.

Halen Môn sea salt is made from the clean, clear seawaters of the Menai Straits that surround the island of Anglesey. All products are Soil Association certified.

In 2014 Halen Môn were awarded Protected Designated of Origin (PDO) status by the European Commission, protecting the products under the Halen Môn name. Halen Môn is the first Welsh PDO. They protected status recognises the North Wales land importance and therefore Hal Môn must exhibit responsible and sustainable business practices in order to sustain the brand long-term into the future.

In 2015, Halen Môn replaced 2 electric water pumps with anti-gravity pumps, completely eradicating any need for energy. 40 photovoltaic solar panels were also installed onsite to offset carbon emissions and work toward a zero-carbon goal. There is also a ‘no chemical’ policy on site, ensuring water effluent is synonymous to the high-calibre Welsh water that came in to the factory.

Halen Môn have an innovative attitude to waste, regarding waste products instead as ‘co-products’. Distilled water, used in the salt making process is given a new life and sold as a telescope lens cleaner. The bitter solution of magnesium and minerals left after salt harvesting are sold as sea minerals used in racing stables, and are currently being developed into a racing horse tonic base.