Wales Green List

Wales Green List

The Wales Green List brings together the different elements of sustainable development – environmental, economic and social – in one award by recognising the different people taking action on sustainable development within Wales.

It represents the breadth of good work being done by a diverse range of people, from chief executives in private companies, SME managing directors, politicians, parents, campaigners, poets, musicians and many more.

This project forms part of Cynnal Cymru’s wider aim to work with its networks to enable increased awareness of and leadership on sustainable development.

Through the project, Cynnal Cymru’s cross-sector, multi-discipline networks are providing added value to projects which enable action on sustainable development.

In 2011-2012, the Wales Green List has been developed further to increase its impact. This pilot will draw on Cynnal Cymru’s wider networks to share key skills and expertise with a small group of Green Heroes. The objective will be to increase delivery of break-through projects.

Downloadable resources

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