Sustain Wales Summit

Sustain Wales Summit

The Sustain Wales Summit is an annual conference that highlights emerging ideas, innovative approaches and low-carbon technology, which together can help to create a more sustainable future for Wales.

The Summit brings together local, national and international sector-leading experts who are already translating the principles of sustainability into practice.  With each speaker demonstrating practical and available solutions to achieving a low-carbon, sustainable society.

From April 2016 the world-leading legislation The Well-being of Future Generations Act established a set of national sustainability goals. This has major implications for anyone doing business in Wales or with Wales. The Sustain Wales Summit aims to identify what innovative approaches are required in order for Wales to achieve the national Well-being Goals.


Our fourth annual Sustain Wales Summit took place on 09 May 2019 with a focus on sustainable transport and mobility: putting the citizen at the heart of urban travel.

The Summit focused on three key areas:

  • Air Quality
  • Active Travel
  • South Wales Metro Area

The latest updates are on the Sustain Wales Summit 2019 web page.



The 2018 Sustain Wales Summit demonstrated how leading businesses and organisations are developing more innovative procurement practices that contribute to overall sustainability agenda for Wales.

The Summit looked at different aspects of procurement in the context of a variety of economic sectors. Sharing good practice and ideas from local, national and international organisations. Our themes focused on:

  • Procurement 4Rs
  • Construction & Transport
  • People & Services

Download the Sustain Wales Summit Report 2018



The 2017 Sustain Wales Summit held in the Principality Stadium to an audience of businesses and social enterprises passionate about using innovation to develop a low carbon society. The conference was an opportunity for Wales to showcase world leading technology and new opportunities available to make Wales a sustainable nation.

We were honoured to host architect, entrepreneur and first elected Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson CBE as the keynote speaker. Ferguson opened the morning sharing his insights in to how he helped Bristol become the 2015 European Green Capital through innovative schemes across the city which aimed to help reduce emissions and support local communities. Delegates also heard from the Innovation Lead in Innovate UK about the support available for small businesses with new ideas for sustainable technologies or a new business plan. The themes explored on the day included:

  • Connecting communities
  • Urban well-being
  • Buildings for the future

It was great day which demonstrated the broad range of activities being undertaken by global organisations, small start-up social enterprises and sustainability champions which together will help Cynnal Cymru achieve our mission of achieving a more sustainable Wales and society for all.



The inaugural 2016 Sustain Wales Summit showed local and national businesses that low carbon, resource efficient and innovative business is profitable and competitive.

The Summit brought together sector-leading experts who are translating the principles of sustainability into practice and who are address cutting edge themes including:

  • Low-carbon technology
  • Resource efficiency
  • New models of consumption.

We were delighted to welcome Mike Rann – former Premier of South Australia closed the Summit with examples of his experience as Premier of South Australia  where he pioneered many ground breaking sustainability initiatives. Delegates also heard from Hugo Spowers, Chief Engineer and founder of Riversimple and were invited to view the Riversimple hydrogen car – designed and made in Wales.