Integrated Sustainability Reporting


 Integrated sustainability reporting will give you a professional, competitive and commercial advantage.

Cynnal Cymru offers bespoke, integrated sustainability reporting for businesses and social enterprises. This will add value to any business working in or with Wales by highlighting the areas in which your organisation is doing well, addressing the areas in need of improvement and providing a summary of your situation in line with other organisations in your sector.  We will look at the organisation as a whole, help to embed sustainability across all areas and work with you to set targets to improve year on year. Cynnal Cymru has a wealth of experience in analysing the way that organisations add value to their core business by maintaining high standards of environmental and social responsibility.


How does it work?

1. Review – Preparation and delivery

A workshop with your management team to develop your understanding of the principles of sustainable development within the practical context of your organisation. This will identify positive and negative impacts, relevant data and processes, responsible staff, key stakeholders, missions and objectives. Overall objective: decide the actions and aspects you will measure and report on.


2. Collate – Data and information collation

Our analyst will work closely with staff across the organisation to gather and collate relevant data and information that demonstrate what the organisation is doing. This goes beyond reporting on your environmental footprint and highlights your commitment to your community, your staff, and your ‘good stories’ to evidence the whole added value of your organisation. The hard data will be captured in our bespoke tool and will form the basis of your report.


3. Report – Analysis and Insight Report

Your data will be expertly synthesised to create a clear and concise report that can be used to highlight what you are doing well when bidding for contracts and engaging with stakeholders. We will also provide you with an Insight Report containing advice for creating more robust measurements and improving future performance. We will measure data collated against the seven Well-being Goals for Wales which will enable you to evidence your work in these specific areas – particularly useful if you are working with or in receipt of funding from public bodies.


4. Communicate – Design, marketing & strategy

Cynnal Cymru can develop a communications strategy to communicate your report and activities to your internal and external stakeholders. This could include marketing materials, social promotion of key elements and engagement events. If you need to communicate quickly and precisely – for example to customers or the general public – an infographic will give an engaging instant snapshot of your impacts, progress and future objectives.


Cost: tailored quote depending on requirements



Glamorgan County Cricket Club

Melin Community Sustainability Report




The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013 found that more than 90% of the world’s most successful 250 companies now publicly report on aspects of their sustainability performance. Their Global Chairman for Climate Change and Sustainability Services argues that reporting is an essential business management tool.

From April 2016, Welsh public bodies will have a legal duty to deliver their services according to the Sustainable Development principle following the introduction of new world-leading Well-being of Future Generations Act (WFG Act). This new legislation will have a major impact on the way the public sector procure goods and services from others and, therefore, it is important that businesses in Wales take action to ensure they can demonstrate what they are doing to become sustainable, responsible, innovative organisations.

As the organisation instrumental in the development of the ground-breaking legislation, Cynnal Cymru is in a unique position to be able to provide organisations with this integrated reporting service, aligning the values and actions of your organisation with the National Well-being Goals of the Well-being of Future Generations Act.