Feed-in Tariff

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced consultation proposals on the Feed-in Tariff. The proposal is for reduction in the feed-in rates for PV installations registered after 12 December.

Cynnal Cymru members, each with a different perspective, have been invited to submit viewpoints, which illustrate the wide range of impacts that these changes may have in Wales.

**These are personal opinions written in the user’s language of choice and are not necessarily supported by Cynnal Cymru.**

Solar subsidies cuts: UK government loses court appeal

The government has lost its appeal against a judge's ruling that its cuts to solar power subsidies were illegal, suggesting thousands of homes and businesses will now be able to claim the higher pa
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Dai Rees Managing Director, Greenearth Energy Ltd.

Greenearth Energy Ltd., design and installation engineers of a wide range of Renewable Energy technologies has been operating in Wales and the border counties since 2002.
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Reduction in solar PV FiTs

The UK Government has announced a reduction in solar PV FITs – to begin on December 12 - from 43.3p/kWh to 21p/kWh for schemes up to 4kW in size.
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Cymdeithas Tai Eryri

It's been a couple of roller coaster years for anyone involved in renewable energy and the proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff (FIT) worsens the situation for housing associations.
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DECC’s Comprehensive Review of Feed-in Tariffs - A statement by Sharp Solar

Sharp has invested £26 million in its UK factory in Wrexham which, in 2005, became our EU manufacturing base.   
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Ben Robinson, Director of Dulas

Ben Robinson, Director of Dulas, answers questions on FiTs posed by the Centre for Alternative Technology: 
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Pathfinder Programme

A Welsh Government funded programme to support communities to take action on climate change.

Community Energy Wales

Bringing together communities acting on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Support For Sustainable Living

A scheme designed to bring about long-term changes in behaviour and lifestyle to help reduce Wales’ greenhouse gas emissions and help organisations and communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.