Carbon Literacy Open Course

Carbon Literacy Open Course

The Carbon Literacy Project aims to ensure that everyone who works, lives, or studies in Wales has the opportunity to learn about;

– the causes and consequences of global warming,

– what is meant by “climate change”

– the ways that individuals, organisations and communities can take action to reduce the warming, and adapt to the climate changes caused by it.

Cynnal Cymru is the official partner of the Carbon Literacy Project in Wales.  We offer certified Carbon Literacy training. The National Museum of Wales, Community Housing Cymru and Public Health Wales are just some of the organisation that have benefited from our course. It is now your chance to join a growing movement.



Carbon Literacy is for individuals from any organisation – public sector, businesses, charities, voluntary groups – that has aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, is thinking of doing so, or wants to influence others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adopt low carbon lifestyles.

You can enrol on an open course as an individual or book us for in-house training for whole teams.



You will understand the causes and consequences of climate change, locally and across the world. You will be able to evaluate the contributions you make to greenhouse gas emissions and identify actions you can take both at home and in work to; reduce your contributions, adapt to climate changes, and influence others.

On successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Trust and joining a growing movement of linked individuals across the world who understand the basic science of climate change and are able to make rational, informed decisions about how we respond.



Thursday 31 January | 09.30 to 16.00

Thursday 14 January | 09.30 to 16.00

In-house team training is available on request – please see our main Carbon Literacy page.



Non members £95 plus VAT per person

Members £85 plus VAT per person



Cardiff TBC


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