8 July | The practical use of the Value Wales Tool

8 July | The practical use of the Value Wales Tool

Following the success in monitoring and evaluating procurement through the Value Wales Measurement Tool and previous workshops held to support partners, Melin Homes will be hosting a series of workshops around the practical side of evaluating projects using the Value Wales Tool. The workshops will include sharing of best practice, contractor relationships and also group discussion addressing challenges.

The workshops are split into 2 groups:

Public Sector, Wednesday 29th June (am and pm sessions available) – For those in receipt of funding and responsibility for submitting Value Wales Returns

Private Sector, Friday 8th July (pm only) – For those contracted to projects, with clients reporting through the Value Wales Tool

The workshop is at a cost of £40 per person (exc. Vat) Monies raised will go to support sustainable community projects.

If you, your colleagues or supply chain partners are interested in attending a workshop, please contact trisha.hoddinott@melinhomes. co.uk to reserve a place.