19 February | Webinar: Could you help Wales become a Living Wage Nation?

19 February | Webinar: Could you help Wales become a Living Wage Nation?

Calling all funders and commissioners – can you help Wales become a Living Wage Nation?

Cynnal Cymru’s free webinar on 19 February explains all you need to know about becoming a Living Wage Friendly Funder.

Last year, the Living Wage Foundation published the first ever report of Low Pay in the Charity Sector. It found that 26.2% of people within the charity sector are paid less than the Living Wage – more than the average rate of 22% across other UK sectors. Within this, women, young people, part-time workers and BAME workers are disproportionately affected. The report suggests that the issue of low pay cannot be resolved without influencing the organisations that often have power over charities’ incomes – namely funders and commissioners.

WCVA is the only Welsh organisation to be accredited as a Living Wage Friendly Funder – a funder that has committed, as far as is possible, to ensuring that every funded post they support is paid at the Living Wage or more. Working in partnership with Cynnal Cymru, who manage accreditation of the Living Wage in Wales, we are now calling on more Welsh funders to join us.

WCVA’s Chief Executive Ruth Marks explained:

The staff of the third sector play an invaluable role in supporting some of our most vulnerable citizens and deserve to be paid a Living Wage for their work. Small charities can often struggle to find resources to do this but as a Living Wage Friendly Funder, we enable our grant applicants to include realistic salaries for their staff in their budgets, so that no grant-aided posts are paid a wage that is, in reality, too low to live on.”

If you are a funder or have a role in commissioning, I urge you to consider taking the steps to become a Living Wage Friendly Funder too and help to build a more fair and equal Wales. Our partners in Cynnal Cymru can support you every step of the way – starting with this webinar.

Bethan Harvey from Cynnal Cymru supports organisations through the Living Wage accreditation process. 185 organisations in Wales so far have been supported through the accreditation journey – although only one Welsh funder. She said:

A lot of organisations have concerns about the process, but it is often more manageable than people think. Not all milestones need to be met at once and there is lots of information and experience that I can share to help people along the way. We would love to help more funders become accredited in Wales as it would send such a strong signal about our shared commitment to eradicating low pay and in-work poverty.”

The free webinar takes place on 19 February 2019 from 10.00am to 11.00am. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Living Wage Friendly Funder, the steps involved and the benefits to you and the communities you support, please register here.