17 August | Sustainable Procurement

17 August | Sustainable Procurement

14:00 – 16:30pm | Bridgend College

The supply chain is where most of the risks, challenges and opportunities lie for any organisation that aims to achieve success through responsible practice.

In this 321 shared learning event we will hear from three leading organisations are using strategic procurement processes to maximise environmental and social capital.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss different approaches and learn about government support and practical tools to help your organisation to maximise social and economic benefits, minimise your impact on the environment and health as well as helping to achieve long term value for money.

This 321 shared learning event is in partnership with Bridgend College.

How it Works

Our 321 shared learning events are an opportunity to explore aspects of sustainability in greater depth. They operate on the basis of three speakers, two hours, one topic.Each speaker presents their work/research as a different facet of the whole. Speakers are expected to make their presentations as practical as possible and to provide workshop activities to assist learning and critical reflection.

The audience has ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss the topic as well as network and make new contacts.

The events are informal and designed to share learning and create the potential for collaborative projects and ideas.