15 December | Christmas Green Drinks

15 December | Christmas Green Drinks

On December 15th, Cynnal Cymru, in partnership with Renewable UK Cymru and Arup, are hosting a Christmas Green Drinks in Cardiff Bay to bring together individuals and organisations across Wales. This is an exciting opportunity to connect, collaborate and share new developments with like minds.

This event will run from 17:45 to 19:30 and will be a phenomenal networking event for third, public and the private sector.



Each ticket includes drinks and delicious nibbles with a festive twist.

Members of Cynnal Cymru and Renewable UK Cymru can purchase tickets at the discounted price of £9.99 pp

Non members tickets are £14.99 pp

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Our Speakers

Helen Peake, Arup

Helen Peake is a Senior Consultant at Arup, specialising in energy advisory services, and planning for low carbon generation and grid upgrades. Over the past ten years she has been working with a range of stakeholders including host authorities, energy developers, policy makers and Renewable UK Cymru to support the delivery of sustainable energy for Wales.



Nick Proctor, Amber Energy

Nick Proctor is the founder of amber energy, an energy solutions company based in South Wales.

In July 2009, Nick decided to leave his job in Banking to start up amber energy. The trigger? Well, the number of clients he met over the years who had little to no knowledge of their energy set-up what set-up would be best, where the true price of energy was going or how much money was being made by the “middle man”. They simply didn’t know why their cost of energy had been so volatile year on year. This wasn’t easy, but Nick was determined that business’ find out the truth behind energy so they can start maximising their own energy portfolios.

In 2011, The Daily Express wrote an article about Nick and the story of amber energy. The article focused on Nick holding the responsibility of the ever increasing payroll. To this day Nick’s drive, enthusiasm and end goal hasn’t changed.

As amber energy approaches it’s 9th year and the difference we are making in client’s energy portfolios make this an exciting place to be.

When Nick isn’t working closely with clients to build their long term energy strategies or coming up with new business ideas, you’ll find him on the golf or tennis court.



Hywel George, Griot Creative

Hywel George is a former reporter and producer at BBC, ITV and Sky News. He left mainstream broadcasting in 2004 to try to find the most ethical ways to tells stories. In 12 years of independant film production and consultancy he has travelled to many parts of the world working for and with the likes or Microsoft and Credit Suisse, the Smithsonian Institution and Stockholm University, helping those organisations find their context in development settings. Closer to home he made the slate of films that won Bristol the title European Green Capital. Now he is returning to home with his new company Griot, to help communities and organisations in Wales find the narratives that will create resilience and prosperity in the uncertain financial times in which we live.



Ashley Watson, Aurora Lighting

Ashley Watson has personal commitment to, and broad experience of, the low carbon economy.  Following time served  in the IT industry Ashley has consulted for solar, smart meter and hands-on energy efficiency companies before joining the lighting industry and recently moving to Carmarthen.

Aurora is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer of LED lighting. Having delivered major lighting programmes for Re:fit and other energy programmes we are working to support energy efficiency programmes and partnerships. With extensive EPC experience, a major UK factory in Swindon and feet in the ground in Wales we are keen to assist with projects large and small.