15 – 19 June | Carbon Literacy Distance Online Learning

15 – 19 June | Carbon Literacy Distance Online Learning

The Award-winning Carbon Literacy Project aims to ensure that every citizen receives at least one day’s worth of learning so that they understand the links between human activity and climate change while empowering individuals, communities and organisations to take action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


“An awareness of the climate change costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.”


This distance online course is suitable for those in a position to lead, organise or support others. This could be senior managers and teams leaders, board members or trustees, support workers or volunteers. It is best suited for groups from a single organisation.


The course takes place across one week, combining self-directed study with facilitated sessions held online with your course tutor and fellow students.

“Course was well delivered – good videos and supporting info”

“I gained a better understanding of climate change and what needs to be done NOW! Enjoyed the presentation and group work.”

“A good balance between presentation and group work. The tutor was likeable and engaging.”

“A valuable course that gave me all the tools I needed to disarm climate sceptics and convey the utter madness of inaction. Motivating and empowering, time truly well spent.”


15 – 19 June 2020

In-house team training is available on request – please see our main Carbon Literacy page.


Non members £95 plus VAT* per person plus £10 certification fee

Members £85 plus VAT* per person plus £10 certification fee

You can book via Ticketsource or by requesting an invoice by emailing training@cynnalcymru.com

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On completion, you should be able to:

– Locate and use information to explain global warming and climate change.

– Describe and analyse the consequences for you, your organisation, or community

– Identify personal and group actions that you can take to make a positive difference

– Know where to go for further help


On successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate from the Carbon Literacy Trust and joining a growing movement of linked individuals across the world who understand the basic science of climate change and are able to make rational, informed decisions about how we respond.


Rhodri Thomas is the Principal Sustainability Consultant and training lead at Cynnal Cymru. Rhodri is educated to Masters level in Environmental Management and has a Professional Graduate Certificate (PGCE) in Adult Education & Training and is currently the only certified Carbon Literacy trainer in Wales.


The majority of the study involves self-directed learning with the aid of your course books. They will include suggested reading, links to further examples and research as well as links to videos to watch.

The course will also includes 2-3 interactive sessions with your course-tutor and fellow students. To participate in the online distance learning course you will need access to a computer with an mic and where possible a video camera. We are currently using Zoom for the open sessions, so please check you are able to access this on your computer before booking the course.

The Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy is a concept created in Manchester by Cooler Projects Ltd. and administered by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

Cynnal Cymru is the official partner in Wales for the award-winning Carbon Literacy Project.

In April 2020, Cynnal Cymru was further recognised as a Carbon Literacy Training Organisation – the first in Wales.

National Museum of Wales, Public Health Wales, Tai Ceredigion, Grwp Cynefin, Acuity Legal, Welsh Government, Trivallis, Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd, Social Farms and Gardens are just some of the organisation that have benefited from our course.

It is now your chance to join a growing movement!