09 May | Mind the gap, Webinar

09 May | Mind the gap, Webinar

Institution of Civil Engineers Webinar

09 May | 13:00 – 14:00 (UK time)

Transport, by its very definition, is a vital enabler for social, economic and democratic inclusion; transport systems bring people together, connect them to employment, ensure access to community resources, and support participation in public life. But, those self-same systems often fail to provide the mobility to which they aspire or for which they are designed, excluding many of those most in need, including people who are disabled and older people.

In response, a range of policy levers, design standards, practical processes, and project tools have been developed to address how transport systems, services and infrastructure are designed.

This webinar explores the policy landscape, sets out some of those responses, and considers how they have been and can be used to deliver inclusive outcomes through transport systems and infrastructure. In particular, it draws on a number of projects to highlight how infrastructure and engineering must be seen as part of a more holistic approach to inclusion within transport, and that delivering inclusive outcomes is also about and information, staff and vehicles and is about more than bricks and mortar.

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