01 August | Webinar: Why a Sustainability Policy Matters

01 August | Webinar: Why a Sustainability Policy Matters

Environet Cymru WCVA
01 August | 14:00pm

Sustainable development is considered the future direction of policy making but what does this mean in real terms for your organisation or business, and how can this be achieved? Join us as we examine the challenges and benefits for organisations reporting on their financial, social and environmental impacts. Learn how reporting on these aspects can add value, help measure internal sustainability, and demonstrate contributions towards national sustainability.

Integration is a key concept within sustainable development (and one of the five ways of working embedded in the Well-being of Future Generations Act), but one which remains a challenge for big businesses and small organisations alike. This webinar, led by Rhodri Thomas, Principal Consultant at Cynnal Cymru) will guide you through making sense of integration and help you find an approach which is relevant to your circumstances.

The webinar will provide information on:

  • What sustainable development means for your work
  • How to record financial, social and environmental impacts for reporting
  • How to integrate this data into your strategic plans
  • Finding an appropriate approach to integration

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