An exciting new Fund

Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales is launching the unique Sustain Wales Fund.

The Fund is an expendable endowment Fund and will attract donations from any person or organisation with a vision for a sustainable Wales.

Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales will contribute 10% of its surpluses to the Fund in addition to 10% of the revenue from the services provided; this is a major assurance to anyone engaging with Cynnal Cymru.

There are lots of ways to get involved:

  • Individual donations
  • Organisational donations
  • Fundraising events
  • Give as you Earn (GAYE)
  • General philanthropy
  • Legacies

The Sustain Wales Fund is aiming to set up a 1% Club which enables any for-profit organisation to become a member by donating 1% of their profits to the Fund.

Give as you earn (GAYE)

Any individual can make contributions from salary or pension through a GAYE scheme, provided the employer runs a Payroll Giving scheme which is tax efficient and wholly supported by HMRC.

Contact for more details.

You can donate through our ‘My Donate’ page.