Doing Business in Wales or With Wales? There’s Something You Should Know….

Doing Business in Wales or With Wales? There’s Something You Should Know….

A small country of 3 million people will start living with ground-breaking legislation from spring 2016. The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act establishes a set of national goals and places a duty on named public bodies to pursue these goals through the Sustainable Development Principle.

For thirteen years the charity Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales has worked in partnership with the Welsh Government to bring the principles of sustainability to practical reality and latterly has been instrumental in the development of this legislation.

From 2016, if you are doing business in Wales or with Wales you need to understand how to implement the principles of Sustainable Development and report on your progress. Our Relevant, Resilient, Responsible consultancy programme will help you do this. We are in the process of helping Glamorgan Cricket Club to develop their sustainable development strategy and integrated reporting mechanism.

We have also helped Principality, Melin Homes and others through our Business Leadership for Sustainable Development course:

We can also offer short seminars on the WFG Act to help business leaders understand the implications and opportunities of the legislation.

Sustainable Development has always been strategically important in Wales but from 2016 there is reason to assume that it will increasingly become the Welsh way of doing business. It will certainly become the way that public services are delivered.

We are a not-for-profit charitable enterprise with a membership of experts and committed professionals. Our vision is that Wales, as a small country, can be a test bed for proving that a sustainability society, prospering justly in balance with nature, is possible. Come and join us on this journey!

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