Cynnal Cymru members work together ‘Towards Zero Waste’

Y Pelican nappiCycle in action

Cynnal Cymru members work together ‘Towards Zero Waste’

Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales member, NaturalUK, is an innovative, Welsh enterprise working towards Zero Waste. As the largest independent washroom services and clinical waste collection company in Wales, NaturalUK have introduced a complete nappy recycling service, ‘nappiCycle’, and have partnered up with another Cynnal Cymru member, The Pelican Nursery, to offer a 100% landfill diversion service for all nappy waste.

Based in Ammanford, NaturalUK have pioneered a radical, innovative process to recover the plastics and cellulose material that would previously have been sent to landfill. In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are in excess of 1 million tonnes of Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP’s) disposed of annually. Cynnal Cymru is pleased to be working with innovative enterprise offering sustainable solutions through new technology.

The Pelican Nursery – Meithrinfa y Pelican is Wales’ only Welsh-language, eco, day-nursery. Offering their children and staff healthy, organic and tasty meals prepared on site by a full-time organic chef, the Pelican ensure they recycle as much as possible (even the wooden signage is made from reclaimed floorboards from Merthyr Hospital) and to know that all nappy waste is avoiding landfill is important with the quantities of nappy waste produced by nurseries.

The Welsh Assembly Government’s policy framework, Towards Zero Waste, aims to reduce dependency on landfill and specifically targets biodegradable waste in landfill sites, such as Nappies, Adult Incontinence pads and Feminine Hygiene products (Absorbent Hygiene Products).

It is estimates that by 2025, there will be a significant reduction in waste, and any waste that is produced must be managed in a way that makes the most of our valuable resources. There is also a legal obligation to consider the Waste Hierarchy in relation to waste generated and ensure all practical efforts have been taken to minimise environmental impact. Landfill disposal is the very last option. With Natural UK’s new nappiCycle process, there is an affordable and realistic solution to this problem.

Both members are now exploring a pilot project to expand this service to parents of children in the Pelican Nursery. Enabling parents to bring in their domestic nappy waste to the nursery for collection along with the nursery’s own waste. This is the first step in expanding nappiCycle to a wider market and possibly working with local authorities for doorstep collection.

nappyCycle @Y_Pelican

nappyCycle @Y_Pelican

Sara Williams, Manager at the Pelican Nursery said:

“Using NaturalUK underpins our ethos. When showing potential parents the nursery we explain how we recycle all nappies, they are impressed that such a thing can be done and are very interested in learning more. I believe it is a service that many parents would be keen to get more involved with and we are happy to be part of a pilot that can have such a positive impact on landfill avoidance.”

Kelly Rees, NaturalUK Business Development Manager, works closely on nappiCycle and hopes to highlight how the project can develop sustainability within our communities while significantly reducing our ecological footprint within Wales. Cynnal Cymru provides a platform to enable collaboration by our members. We hope that many other projects, pilots, collaborations and relationships will emerge from our networking events.